Eradiel Frontiers

The Flamingo Frontiers

The time and settings of the first Eradiel adventure

Over the past 10 years, the Frontiers east of the Flamingo Sea have come to a standstill in terms of progress southward. The Deadlands, a desolate desert, has proven difficult to trek across. There have also been reports of organised groups of monsters pushing upwards from the south eastern Frontiers, although what has united them is yet unknown. The group of monsters has been nicknamed “The Red Sand’s” due to their violent nature and their origin from the Deadlands area.

As a result, the adventuring business has died down in the east and the majority of work is being found along the west coast.

Sponsor’s of Frontiersmen are worried that the Red Sand’s will bring the adventuring business to a standstill and as a result, entirprising warriors are being employed en masse as reinforcement for the west.

Recently, there has been rumours of a city spoke about in legends of the old civilsation’s called “Haven”, supposedly a treasure trove of otherworldly knowledge atop a plateau in the far south-west.

The knowledge held within the rumoured city is believed to be capable of things beyond mortal imaginations, leading to another draw towards the Flamingo Frontiers.


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